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Journal of Unexplored Medical Data (JUMD, Online ISSN:2572-8180) is an open access, peer-reviewed, online journal that publishes your negative, unexpected or controversial results in the field of medical science. The journal’s full text is available online at www.jumdjournal.net.

Type of articles published by the journal

JUMD will consider well-conducted medical science studies that have been generated by universities and academic institutes including clinical trials, pilot studies, research reports, original articles, reviews and short communications in the field of medical science.

Key research areas covered by the journal

JUMD will consider well-conducted medical science studies that are reporting results in the field of: clinical, biological, medical and health sciences. Also included are: microbiology, biochemistry, cell biology, immunology, epidemiology, density research, physiotherapy research, nursing, speech therapy, medical computational and engineering aspect, biophysics, biomedical informatics and biomedical ethics. Submitted articles will be peer reviewed and evaluated- regardless of outcome novelty- based on research integrity, high ethical standards and objective determination of scientific and methodological soundness.

Type of material published by the journal

  • Positive and negative results;
  • Experiments results that have not disproved the null hypothesis;
  • Experiments results that didn’t support your hypothesis;
  • Experimental result - where the expected or desired effect was not observed;
  • Research that failed to confirm the efficacy of a treatment;
  • Results of failed studies;
  • Repeated experiments (that repeat previously published work );
  • Unreported clinical and biological medical data;
  • Incomplete stories;
  • Dissertations;
  • Important raw data;
  • Observations;
  • Grant applications;
  • Methods and biological microscopy imaging data.

The journal is owned by OAE Publishing Inc.

Journal Statistics

Online ISSN:2572-8180
Launch date:Septenber 13, 2016
Frequency: Continuously published
Acceptance rate: 45%
Time from submission to first decision:15-60 days
Time from acceptance to online publication: 30 days


Every year universities and academic institutes generate heaps of medical data that cannot be captured in a traditional paper. A contradictory or conflicting experimental result - where the expected or desired effect was not observed - usually goes unreported and never sees the light of publication day. Despite its potential, research that failed to confirm the efficacy of a treatment is usually demoted to lab drawers or archived and forgotten in lab books. The traditional journals failed to provide a specific platform for such large datasets that might benefit a wider research community and could without doubt be essential for efficient scientific progress. Looking at medical research from a different angle the JUMD editorial team believe that it would be more efficient and un-biased if all results –positive and negative- were made available to the scientific community. Reporting both successes and failures is crucial as both pieces of information are needed in order to allow clinicians to judge the risks and benefits of a given intervention. Moreover, and importantly, not publishing negative data results in a huge waste of resources and time, as other scientists considering the same questions may perform the same experiments and repeat the same findings. Therefore JUMD was launched to rescue and recover a great wealth of worthwhile information, hard work and funding.

Expected Benefits
  • A great wealth of information will be recovered, put online and provided for free for medical research communities.
  • Researchers can display their results and might get feedback or gain citations or collaborations deriving from his or her data.
  • By publishing their unpublished negative data, researchers will be among the contributors who will reshape global medical research communication and can prevent other researchers from repeating the same experiments or mistakes.

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The journal is published by OAE Publishing Inc.
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Journal of Unexplored Medical Data Online ISSN: 2572-8180
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