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Journal of Unexplored Medical Data: Annual Report of 2018

Published on: 29 Jan 2019 Viewed: 1377

On January 15, 2019, 2018 Annual Work Report of Journal of Unexplored Medical Data (JUMD) was successfully held in the Beijing office of OAE Publishing Inc. Ms. Ellie Liang, the former Managing Editor, presented an overall development of the journal over the past year and proposed her development plan for JUMD in 2019.

After being launched in September 2016, JUMD has achieved a big progress under the leadership of Dr. Tarek Shalaby, the Editor-in-Chief of JUMD, and other editorial team members including 4 newly joined members, the Honorary Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Rossana Berardi (Universita Politecnica delle Marche, Italy), Prof. Masami Okamoto (Toyota Technological Institute, Japan), Dr. Gianni Guidetti (University of Pavia, Italy), and Prof. Yi-Cheng Ni (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium). With the joint efforts of our Editorial Board and the editorial team, 10 papers were published by authors from 9 countries in 2018.

Papers published in 2018 were browsed 28,291 times and downloaded 1,202 times cumulatively, among which, one contribution from Dr. Wael Mohialddin Ahmed Doush, "Surgical outcomes of distal splenorenal shunt or liver transplantation in treatment of schistosomal refractory variceal bleeding" (, received the highest views, 12,884 times. Among them, 2 papers were from the special issue "Immunotherapy as a New Hope against Solid Tumors" (, organized by Dr. Francesco Perri. Two special issues are open for submissions now, which include: "New Frontiers in Platelet Function" ( organized by Dr. Gianni Guidetti and Dr. Ilaria Canobbio and "Bioinformatics in Cancer Prediction" ( organized by Dr. Cesar S.C Wong, Dr. Lawrence Wing-Chi Chan, Dr. William Chi-Shing Tai, and Dr. William Chi-Shing Cho. Several special issues are at the planning stage and they will be online soon. In 2019, we warmly welcome worldwide experts to join in JUMD and would like to collaborate with them on more and more special issues in JUMD!

Within the past three years, the numbers of page views and PDF downloaded per year presented a steady growth tendency. Compared with 2017, the total numbers of webpage views and PDF downloaded in 2018 were 21,263 times and 4,511 times, increased by 21.12% and 133.61%, respectively. In 2018, 3 papers got first citations, and 3 papers’ views exceeded 10,000 times. Moreover, JUMD expanded its readership to 10 countries, with a majority from USA.

Finally, the Editorial Office team would like to express their sincere appreciation to the Editor-in-Chief, Editorial Board members, authors, reviewers, and readers of the journal for their hard work and continuous support over the past year. Although some gratifying achievements have been made, there is still a long way to go. In 2019, we will continue our efforts in upholding the principles of scientific rigorousness and fairness in publication of the journal, in creating a high-quality journal with global influence, serving scientific researchers as well as promoting scientific innovation!

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