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    Molecular characterization of cancer-associated fibroblasts isolated from human colorectal cancer as a major stromal cell component promoting metastasis

    Pravin D. Potdar , Shahid Chaudhary
    Aim: Colorectal cancer (CRC) remains a disease with poor prognosis and limited overall 5-year survival rate, which highlights a clear clinical need for novel treatment strategies. The stromal cancer-associated fibroblasts (CAFs) strongly dictate the metastatic potential of CRC and hence warrant investigation for clinical outcome. Methods: The authors established primary cultures of CAFs from metastatic CRC patients and performed cellular characterization using phase contrast microscopy and histological staining followed by light microscopy. The isolated CAFs were further explored for the...
    Published on: 9 Feb 2017
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    Salivary carbonic anhydrase, pH and phosphate buffer concentrations as potential biomarkers of caries risk in children

    Yasmine Makawi , Eman El-Masry , Hala Mohye El-Din
    Aim: Oral fluid represents a mirror of the body and saliva has the potential to be used in the detection and diagnosis of diseases. The present study aimed to investigate the potential of salivary carbonic anhydrase (CA), salivary pH and phosphate buffer concentration as biomarkers of dental caries in children saliva. Methods: The study included 120 children of 3-5 years and 13-15 years of age group. Each age group was divided into two subgroups according to risk of dental caries: low and high caries risk groups. Two saliva samples, stimulated and non-stimulated, were collected from each...
    Published on: 9 Feb 2017
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    Relationship between family function and low back pain in nurses working in a tertiary hospital in North Central Nigeria

    Olawumi Olamide Iyaoromi , Musa Dankyau , Aboi Jeremiah Kutak Madaki
    Aim: The study aimed to determine the relationship between family functioning and low back pain (LBP) in nurses in a tertiary hospital in North Central Nigeria. Methods: A cross-sectional study using structured questionnaires was done among 204 randomly selected, eligible, consenting nurses in a tertiary hospital between August-November 2011. Sociodemographic data and Family APGAR Scores were collected, collated and analyzed with SPSS version 21. Results: Results showed that 92.2% (188) were from high functioning families, while 7.8% had moderately dysfunctional families. None of the...
    Published on: 13 Feb 2017
    Views: 280
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