Dr. Tarek Shalaby, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Unexplored Medical Data, visited the OAE Publishing Inc. Beijing office for a strategic meeting

On June 26, 2017, Dr. Tarek Shalaby, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Unexplored Medical Data (JUMD), visited the Beijing office of OAE Publishing Inc. and discussed the development of JUMD.

Those who attended include Dr. Tarek Shalaby, Mrs. Shalaby, Chairman of the OAE Publishing Inc. Min Fan, Assistant Publisher Dandan Yu, Managing Editors Lisa Huang and Carrie Wang, Assistant Editor of JUMD Jie Feng.

First, Dandan Yu and Jie Feng reported the development and status of OAE and JUMD, respectively. Then, Dr. Tarek Shalaby talked about his ideas about the development of JUMD. Dr. Shalaby said that most published articles in other journals describe positive results, as negative results and repeated experiments are rarely published. The majority of researchers failed to reveal negative data or abandoned the same. Neither the authors nor the publishers of traditional journals want to publish this type of data. However, this does not indicate that these data are of no value and significance. In contrast, the publication of negative data and repeated experiments can help researchers avoid duplication of errors, in addition to saving time and money. Second, Dr. Shalaby said that the positive results are based on a large number of negative data and failed experiments. The data we now see are only the tip of the data iceberg generated by the scientific community. Because of this, the emergence of JUMDis to dig out these meaningful data and present them to researchers in the medical field to share, exchange, promote scientific progress, and reduce the chance of experimental failure.


(From left: Carrie Wang, Dandan Yu, Dr. Tarek Shalaby, Min Fan, Jie Feng, Lisa Huang)

Finally, Dr. Shalaby showed his expectation that JUMD, through promotions in meetings and speech publicity to introduce the journal at meetings etc., can be widely known by more researchers so as to encourage them to present their valuable and useful data in JUMD.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Fan discussed how to collect enough data to improve the influence of the journal, how to publicize, and future direction of development of JUMD with Dr. Shalaby. Fortunately, Mr. Fan and Dr. Shalaby have the same goals regarding journal planning. Meanwhile, Dr. Shalaby has provided good promotional advice for JUMD and said he is willing to advertise JUMD by attending meetings.

Through this meeting, we have a clearer goal of JUMD development and believe that JUMD will become the only journal to publish both negative and positive data, and repeated experiments in the medical field.

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